Stra­te­gi­er til inklusion

Euro­clio gen­nem­fø­rer for tiden et pro­jekt som skal bely­se spørgs­må­let: “How to make history and citizens­hip educa­tion more inclu­si­ve?”. Alle histo­ri­e­læ­re­re opfor­dres til at besva­re det­te spør­ge­ske­ma:

Fri­sten for besva­rel­se er 20/9.

Mere om projektet:

EUROCLIO is coor­di­nat­ing an Eras­mus+ pro­ject cal­led “Stra­te­gies for Inclu­sion – Making High Qua­li­ty History and Citizens­hip Educa­tion More Inclu­si­ve and Acces­sib­le”. It star­ted in Sep­tem­ber 2015 and will con­ti­nue till 31 August 2018, in part­ners­hip with orga­niza­tions from Arme­nia, Norway, Portu­gal, Slo­ve­nia and The Netherlands.
It is the first EUROCLIO pro­ject dea­ling with the chal­len­ge “How to make history and citizens­hip educa­tion more inclu­si­ve?”. It aims to provi­de solu­tions in history and citizens­hip educa­tion for lear­ners, espe­ci­al­ly tho­se with diver­se lear­ning needs, by con­necting clas­s­room pra­cti­ce with research and educa­tio­nal poli­cy across coun­tri­es, sectors and disci­pli­nes, as usu­al in other EUROCLIO projects.


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