Ayman Abdel Aziz Al-Bailey

Educa­tion in Anci­ent Egypt

Bar Ankh’ is the name by which our pha­ra­o­hs ance­stors knew the school and its mea­ning is the hou­se of life… In the mea­ning lies the value and con­tent that the school car­ri­es and the role it plays in the life of socie­ty, but the ance­stors’ inte­r­e­sts in the school rea­ched the point of cal­ling it ‘the hou­se of life’, mea­ning that educa­tion end sci­en­ce is about life… Archa­e­o­lo­gi­cal discove­ri­es have proven the exi­sten­ce of schools in dif­fe­rent areas throug­hout anci­ent Egypt, as the­re was a school aro­und the (Rames­se­um) temp­le and ano­t­her in the city mona­ste­ry in the The­bes Cemetery […]