Zvezdana Petrović

The city of Val­je­vo as hospital

In the First Wor­ld War (1914–1918), 32 nations par­ti­ci­pa­ted. At the time, Ser­bia was not a mem­ber of any alli­an­ce. Just a year ear­li­er, the young, small and poor King­dom of Ser­bia had emer­ged from the Bal­kan Wars. Phy­si­cal­ly worn and mili­ta­rily exhau­sted, she neit­her wan­ted nor was rea­dy for ano­t­her war.         All hospi­tals in Ser­bia lack­ed doctors and other medi­cal per­son­nel, medi­ci­ne, medi­cal equip­ment, and eve­ryt­hing that was nee­ded for the woun­ded and sick. The­re is no examp­le in history of such a lar­ge army going to war with such a small num­ber of doctors. The­re were only 470 […]